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Is that viral ‘superconductor’ legit?

A pen pointing to a piece of LK-99 standing on its side above a magnet.
A screenshot of a video showing LK-99 partially levitating. A group of researchers who developed the material say it’s evidence that LK-99 is the world’s first room-temperature superconductor. Experts are skeptical.  | Image: A screenshot taken of a video uploaded to ScienceCast by Hyun-Tak Kim

LK-99 hasn’t turned out to be the miraculous superconductor some people initially claimed it was.

The newly discovered material made headlines after a research team claimed it was the first room-temperature superconductor, which could revolutionize our energy system. Speculation that it could bring on a perfect power grid or easily make trains levitate sparked a frenzy to test whether LK-99 really was as game-changing as portrayed by the original team.

But the results so far indicate that LK-99 is not a superconductor, at room temperature or otherwise. A slew of research groups have released studies that counter claims originally made about LK-99.

“With a great deal of sadness, we now believe that the game is over. LK99 is NOT a…

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