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Razer wants to make over your living room with its own smart gamer lights

A sparse living room absolutely awash in purple, blue, and green lighting.
Razer’s vision of your future. | Image: Razer

Razer now has its own light bulb. And two lamps. And a flexible LED lighting strip. They’re all filled with RGB LEDs, they all sync with other RGB products in Razer’s Chroma network, and they’re all coming by the end of this year.

Together, they could theoretically help you create the picture at the top of this story, which I am led to believe is a depiction of a “Gamer Room.” There are no words.

But there are products, ones named Aether, which might look nice individually.

Image: Razer

The Aether Light Bulb will cost $50 a pop when it arrives later this year; it’s a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi bulb that puts out the typical 800 lumens of light you’d expect from a 60-watt equivalent (but tops out at 9W since it’s LED) and can…

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