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Lego’s flapping Dune Ornithopter set comes with a big boi Baron minifig

The Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter Lego set on a shelf beside its eight character mini figurines.
Look at that magnificent fella on the far left — every bit as imposing as the real deal. | Image: Lego

If you’re bummed about Dune: Part Two being delayed until March 15th, 2024, Lego’s latest Icons set might be the ideal fix to tide you over. The Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter — a 1,369-piece replica of the Imperium’s favored flapping flying machine — is now available to preorder for $164.99, with a release date set for February 1st, 2024.

While both the Dune (2021) and upcoming Dune: Part Two movies have PG-13 ratings, this Lego set is a “premium-quality” model designed for adults. When assembled, it features flappable fold-out wings, deployable landing gear, and a cockpit that can be opened to place in one of the eight included mini figurines of the franchise’s cast.

Image: Lego

When the wings are fully…

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