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Let’s speculate wildly about Tesla’s three mystery vehicles

A graphic showing Tesla’s current and future vehicle lineup
Tesla’s current and future vehicle lineup. | Image: Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased three new vehicles during his presentation at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Thursday — one more than what he showed off during the Master Plan Part 3 event last year.

In a slide showing the company’s current lineup — Models S, X, 3, Y, the Tesla Semi, and Cybertruck — three shrouded vehicles were also included.

“Obviously we’ve got some new products that we’re working on under the covers,” Musk said. “I think these are going to be pretty special.”

And that was basically it. No other details were divulged. Sure, Musk was in a giddy mood considering his shareholders just handed him a victory by reapproving his enormous…

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